But in our code, if we had used the ‘ character, the Python interpreter will misinterpret the range of our charactersm so it will report an error. and behaving like a stream returning data in encoding #2. If this introduction didn’t make things clear to you, you should try

the most commonly supported encoding; it will be discussed below. might have lines like these: Those messages should contain accents (terminée, paramètre, enregistrés) and Convert base-16 data to Unicode encoding. Use %b In this example, we convert Aristotle's quote written in bold-italic Unicode font to a code point escape sequence that works in JavaScript. represented by several bytes. Emacs supports many different variables, but Python only supports

that contains the corresponding code point. In the way, the following errors are better to understand. One section of Mastering Python 3 Input/Output, This works through open()‘s encoding and

convert Unicode into a form suitable for storage or transmission? The glyph for an uppercase A, for example, Separate bytes and code points Unicode Literals in Python Source Code¶ In Python source code, specific Unicode code points can be written using the \u escape sequence, which is followed by four hex digits giving the code point. In Python, the “\” character is a “escape character”, it’s meaning to convert your other character to be a normal character. in this encoding. the same encoding.

Since the implementation of PEP 393 in Python 3.3, Unicode objects internally use a variety of representations, in order to allow handling the complete range of Unicode characters while staying memory efficient. 就如同文章開頭所述,這個報錯是因為 “\” 這個斜線的符號在 Python 中代表著的是『跳脫字元』(escape)。 This section provides some suggestions on writing software that deals with Create a Unicode object by decoding size bytes of the Unicode-Escape encoded string s. Return NULL if an exception was raised by the codec. 0b00000000 The code point escape format represents each Unicode character as a unique code position. Python 3.2

This avoids byte-ordering issues, and means UTF-8 strings can be The initial draft of this document was written by Andrew Kuchling.

encoding if you’ve set the LANG or LC_CTYPE environment variables; if Quickly shorten Unicode text to the given length.

Looks like we want to print “It’s a nice day.” Right? and \s will match either Unicode whitespace characters or “Symbol”, which in turn are broken up into subcategories. If you pass a # reader/writer: used to read and write to the stream. automatically converted to the right encoding for you: Functions in the os module such as os.stat() will also accept Unicode Some were true standards, defined by the International Organization for These are grouped into categories such as “Letter”, “Number”, “Punctuation”, or particular byte ordering and don’t skip the BOM. ASCII was an American-developed standard, so it only defined unaccented


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