, 11/23/2012 V2.50e, 11/22/2012 V2.50d I'll talk about the things I'm working on and what our plans are. 1/1/2013 V2.74d Added Silicium-Cells (or Silicon-Cells if want to call it like that), which you can get by Centrifuging.

Bauxite is used to get Aluminium and Titanium with an Industrial Electrolyzer. Nerfed induction smelting of Pyrite Ore, and also retextured Pyrite Ore, to look a bit more like Nether Gold Ore. 2/1/2013 V2.82b, Just a quick hotfix for the 2 Problems, and I added another Donator to the internal Capelist. D&D Beyond First you need to build a hollow 3x3x3-Block out of Machine Casing under it, like shown in the GUI.

produced as a byproduct of centrifuging Uranium, these cells produce 50% as much EU as Uranium, but spread over a 2.5 times longer lifetime.

Fixed ThermalExpansion-machines output unification.

Welcome to the Minecraft Fanon Wiki The Number 1 Minecraft fan content site on the web! Buffed Lightningrod after adding said Supercondensator as Component of it. Important - Tinkers' Construct Wikia Issues and Future Direction, Helpful Tips for Uploading Images and Using Templates. You can fuse two diffrent Elements together to gain Energy, or even to just create other Elements in an energy-expensive way. Please think about the fact, that you need more than one IDSU for wireless/crossdimensional Energytransfer. Nerfed scrapboxes, they drop scrap at a >60% chance now.

Since 1.5.1 added Hoppers and a better ISidedInventory, Machines have diffrent ISidedInventory Rules. There is a Limit of 2Billion EU, or 500,000 batboxes, you can store inside it.

cd .. All Facings = Output. If you fill Fuel cans with this Device, note that the produced Fuel can might have a different burn value. This works like an advanced Chargingbench. The Default didnt change so dont worry if you did nothing to that Config. Added GUI to Quantum Tank and made it more expensive. anyways the plugins are all wonderful keep it …

Most mods require the folder "META-INF" inside of minecraft.jar be removed before the mod can work. Second, a Machine emits one pulse of Quad-EV (and before that also some smaller pulses of 32, 128, 512 and 2048 EU), which fries ALL your Machines and Cables, letting them explode, no matter if it's an IC²-Machine or one of my Machines. I didnt change much, only Code, so I skip the Changelog, 12/21/2012 V2.61c, Added Liquids for all my Cells except Carbon, Electric Autocrafting is now only 2500EU per Craft (500EU for Dustpiler and Unificator), I think I fixed the Computercube-Access of the GUI for SMP (you know that internal Server Error, when you open the GUI of a ComputerCube, which doesnt belong to you), 12/20/2012 V2.61b


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